Our curriculum is aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and is designed to guide students toward their grade level goals. Content areas include: reading/language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music, physical education/health and technology. All Constellation Schools utilize the Ohio Learning Standards to prepare our students for the Ohio State Assessments. Teachers make the necessary adjustments to our current curriculum in an effort to stay aligned with the state standards.

Title 1 services (small grouping with a reading/math teacher) and Special Education services are implemented to assist students who qualify for these services. Numerous online programs are utilized as part of our Response to Intervention program in an effort to move children through the intervention pyramid.

Our 1:1 laptop program increases the use of technology to engage students and improve academic achievement. In addition to Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite), the use of our online curriculum and other educational apps provide our students with personalized and differentiated learning activities. From practicing basic keyboarding and mouse skills to learning to code and screencast, our students hone transferable technical skills necessary for future success. Our technology integration coaches provide support through lesson planning, co-teaching, and professional development sessions. As a team, teachers and coaches continue to strive for a balanced effective technology usage.

Teachers establish high academic measures for achievement and behavior in their classrooms. Through age appropriate teaching methods, all students will reach or exceed their maximum potential. The cornerstone of our academic program is emphasized through Character Education, which permeates throughout our curriculum. All of our classrooms and hallways have a variety of posters and bulletin boards that define acceptable character. Good behavior and appropriate manners from everyone is a constant expectation of our students and staff. Character Education enhances our educational plan while securing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all of our students.

Students highlight their talents and skills with assorted programming throughout the year. The All Constellation Schools Spelling Bee brings together the top spellers from each school. The All Constellation Schools Science and Invention Fair provides students with the opportunity to share various science projects. Students also participate in the Constellation Schools Volleyball and Basketball teams.